Create campaign where you will use your custom HTML template [Rate limited]


Email type of created campaign

Campaigns that are created using this endpoint require your own custom HTML templates to be added via API using /campaigns/:id/content endpoint or directly in MailerLite application.

Here is more details about ab_settings object.

All fields are required!

valuesarrayMust contain two values. It depends on send_type.

For example, if send_type equals to sender these values are used as sender names for AB test.

If send_type equals to subject these values are used as subjects for AB test.
send_typestringAvailable values:

- sender
- subject
ab_win_typestringIt defines how winner will be selected.

Available values:

- opens
- clicks
winner_afterintegerIt defines how long AB test is active.

Pay attention that this is only a number and type is defined as winner_after_type
winner_after_typestringAvailable values:

- d - days
- h - hours
split_partintegerIt defines size of every test group in percents equally.

Available range: 5-25
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